Vivid Blue designs and produces interactive multimedia programs which are ideally suited for trade show booths, product demonstrations, instructional needs, or interactive marketing catalogues, and which can be delivered on CD-ROM, over the internet, or in a variety of other formats.

We offer an array of multimedia presentation services for a range of budgets including basic, continuously looping presentations, to complex/advanced animation, interactive programs which instruct, entertain, and sell your products and services.

Interactive multimedia for your presentations, corporate company profile, product demo, event multimedia, product catalogue, multimedia CD/DVD, multimedia photo album, multimedia yearbook, interactive annual report, etc.

Embed video clips, sound, spreadsheet, display interactive charts, graphs, maps, effects, etc. We create Interactive Flash Animation and Advanced PowerPoint presentation. 

Each of our PowerPoint presentations is bespoke, designed to be uniquely individual to one business.

Our Power Point Presentations are dynamic, easy to use for its flexible designs and can include, Title, Bar chart, Line graph, Pie chart, Diagram static or animated.

We can produce sensational multimedia CD presentation that will gain the attention of your potential customers instantly.

With multimedia, Sales presentations, marketing presentations and investor presentations all have the power to move, influence and engage audiences like no other medium.
We understand your business and develop interactive multimedia presentations that leave long lasting impression on the viewers, which is crucial to the success of any business. Our interactive CD Presentation offers you a unique chance to gain their confidence in your products & services and helps to enhance the brand image of your company.

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